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Clip: Elvis Costello to Release Music Video DVD

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  • Carl Zimring
    Elvis Costello to Release Music Video DVD David Nadelle reports: The man born Declan McManus,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 20, 2005

      Elvis Costello to Release Music Video DVD

      David Nadelle reports:
      The man born Declan McManus, better known to all as Elvis Costello, has
      donned many guises over his 30-year career-- young punk, hard-headed band
      leader, verbose curmudgeon, despondent romantic, media pain-in-the-ass, and
      more recently classical arranger, dullard collaborator, and trophy husband
      to MOR jazz lightweight Diana Krall. While it's the young vitriolic Elvis
      that everyone (i.e. everyone here) loves the most, it's still a pleasant
      surprise that his upcoming videos collection The Right Spectacle: The Very
      Best of Elvis Costello - The Videos is filled to bursting with videos
      culled mostly from Costello's untouchable "early" period.

      Demon Vision will release the DVD on September 5, compiling 27 videos
      spanning the years 1978 to 1994, plus over 70 minutes of bonus footage from
      rarely seen UK and European TV appearances. If that's not enough to sway
      you, perhaps you're one of the fans whom the disc's producers hoped to
      ensnare with comprehensive liner notes and audio commentary for each video
      specifically recorded for this collection by Costello himself. As long as
      he keeps the comments about insolent journalists to himself, we're buying.
      Video tracklist:

      01 (I Don't Want to Go to) Chelsea
      02 Pump It Up
      03 Radio Radio
      04 (What So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding
      05 Oliver's Army
      06 Accidents Will Happen
      07 I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down
      08 High Fidelity
      09 Love for Tender
      10 Possession
      11 New Amsterdam
      12 Clubland
      13 New Lace Sleeves
      14 Good Year for the Roses
      15 Sweet Dreams
      16 You Little Fool
      17 Everyday I Write the Book
      18 Let Them All Talk
      19 The Only Flame in Town
      20 I Wanna Be Loved
      21 Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
      22 Veronica
      23 This Town
      24 The Other Side of Summer
      25 So Like Candy
      26 Sulky Girl
      27 13 Steps Lead Down

      Bonus material:
      01 "Granada Report"/"So It Goes" (UK TV, 1977) - "Alison (excerpt)", "Lip
      Service", "No Dancing"
      02 "Revolver" (UK TV, 1978) - "This Year's Girl", "Radio Radio"
      03 "Countdown" (Dutch live club show, 1979) - "Oliver's Army", "Accidents
      Will Happen", "Watching the Detectives", "You Belong to Me"
      04 Pinkpop (Dutch live outdoor festival, 1979) - "Lipstick Vogue",
      "Watching the Detectives"
      05 "What's In" (UK TV, 1981) - "Shot With His Own Gun"
      06 "The Tube" (UK TV, 1983) - "Shipbuilding", "Everyday I Write the Book",
      "Clowntime Is Over", "TKO (Boxing Day)"
      07 "Mandagsboren" (Swedish TV, 1983) - "Big Sister's Clothes", "Peace in
      Our Time"

      * Elvis Costello: http://www.elviscostello.com
      * Demon Records:
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