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mike tamburo/keenan lawler/raccoo-oo-oon tour

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  • New American Folk Hero
    Hello, my website address has changed and it will soon be updated. you will soon find new music (some even unreleased and never heard by the public before),
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      my website address has changed and it will soon be updated. you will
      soon find new music (some even unreleased and never heard by the
      public before), new artwork, new paintings, stories, interviews. it
      is still a work in progress so keep checking in. thanks to daron
      gardner for all of his
      hard work.

      my website
      also a clip at http://www.surefiredistribution.com

      well a couple of brand new developments in the tour. i am sharing
      about a week of shows with iowa city's raccoo-oo-oon. they are
      fantastic fun. their webpage is http://www.raccoo-oo-oon.org
      they are fabulous and i know everyone will enjoy them. we will be
      playing mostly the north east together from july 18 until the 25th.

      keenan lawler and i have decided to play together from july 28 till
      around august 20, we will be starting in the midwest and southern
      states and then working ourselves east and then back to the midwest.

      i am still working hard trying to book this tour. any help with shows
      anywhere would be greatly appreciated. please contact me about
      playing. i have some confirmed and i also have some hopeful dates
      below. if you want me to come to your town, please ask.

      if you are interested in booking a show and you need to hear more
      music please contact me for a web link i have.

      June 17 pittsburgh, pa @ garfield artworks w/ lesser birds of paradise
      july 8 philadelphia,pa @ the Khyber w/Make A Rising, The Teeth (confirmed)
      july 9 off but looking
      july 10 new york, ny @169 bar (169 e. broadway) w/ Lacona (members of
      Wilco, Head Of Femur) (confirmed)
      july 11 delware
      july 12 off but looking
      july 13 huntington, west virgina
      july 14 bowling green, ohio @ howards (confirmed)
      july 15 baltimore, md @ true vine (confirmed)
      july 16 takoma park, washington d.c. area @ sangha (confirmed)
      july 17 charlottesville, va @twisted branch tea bazaar (confirmed)
      july 18 off but looking
      july 19 burlington, vt w/raccoo-oo-oon
      july 20 portland, maine w/raccoo-oo-oon (confirmed)
      july 21 providence, rhode island @as220 w/raccoo-oo-oon (confirmed)
      july 22 off but looking
      july 23 rochester, ny @av gallery w/raccoo-oo-oon
      july 24 cleveland, oh @pat's in the flats w/raccoo-oo-oon (confirmed)
      july 25 columbus, oh w/ raccoo-oo-oon
      july 26 buffalo, ny @mohawk's place
      july 27 chicago, illinois @ uncommon ground (confirmed_

      the following dates will be with keenan lawler

      july 28 * { these dates we will be playing shows
      july 29 * [ that are no further than five hours awayy from
      july 30 * [ louisville we are looking for shows in ohio,
      july 31 * [ kentucky, indiana, illinois, tennesee, etc
      august 1 * [
      august 2 lawrence kansas
      august 3 columbia, mo???
      august 4 columbia, missiouri???
      august 5
      august 6 oklahoma city, ok w/keenan lawler (confirmed)
      august 7
      august 8 detroit
      august 9 pittsburgh,pa @garfield artworks w/ keenan lawler and air
      guitar magazine, vale and year (confirmed)
      august 10 new york
      august 11 philly
      august 12 baltimore
      august 13 knoxville, tennessee@ pilot light w/keenan lawler (confirmed)
      august 14 asheville
      august 15 atlanta
      august 16 off but looking
      august 17 chicago TBA w/keenan lawler (confirmed)
      august 18 milwaukee
      august 19 madison
      august 20 louisville
      august 21 birmingham

      dates with keenan are over

      the following dates are not booked and are subject to change. only
      use this as an outline if you would like me to come to your town. if
      you want me to play and you are only a few hours away from where i
      think i will be please contact me.
      august 22 athens
      august 23 charleston, sc
      august 24 chapel hill. n.c.
      august 25 raleigh
      august 26 greensboro
      august 27 winston-salem
      august 28 memphis
      sugust 29 columbus
      sugust 30 detroit
      august 31 grand rapids
      september 1 kalamazoo
      september 2 lansing
      september 3 bloomington
      september 4 iowa city
      september 5 davenport
      septemver 6 ames
      september 7 des moines
      september 8 st. paul
      september 9 minneapolis
      september 10 minot
      september 11 souix falls
      september 12 bismark
      september 13 omaha
      september 14 lincoln
      september 15 wyoming
      september 16 missoula
      september 17 olympia
      september 18 seatle
      september 19 washington
      september 20 portland
      september 21 eugene
      september 22 northern cali
      september 23 san franscisco
      september 24 davis
      september 25 cali
      september 26 la
      september 27 santa cruz
      september 28 san diego
      september 29 phoenix
      september 30 arizona
      october 1 salt lake city
      october 2 boulder
      october 3 denver
      october 4 albequerque
      october 5 fort worth
      october 6 houston
      october 7 dallas
      october 8 denton
      october 10 oklahoma city
      october 11 columbia
      october 12 st. louis
      october 13 iowa
      october 14 chicago
      october 15 bloomington
      ocotber 16 cincinatti
      october 17 cleveland
      october 18 pittsburgh
      october 19 philly
      october 20 new york
      october 21 rhode island
      october 22 boston
      october 23 east hampton
      october 24 vermont
      october 25 portland
      october 26 albany
      october 27 new york
      october 28 baltimore
      october 29 west virginia
      october 30 louisville
      october 31 nasheville

      new arco flute foundation - everything after everything is the bomb is sci fi
      new mike tamburo - beating of the rewound son
      meisha - meisha returns meisha forever
      meisha - meisha
      meisha - the fourth lesson in new era time
      available at http://www.musicfellowship.com

      arco flute foundation - everything after the bomb is sci fi
      available at http://www.cenotaph.org

      meisha - first lesson in new era time
      available at http://www.foraytwo.com/

      also coming soon on the music fellowship... the release of the new,
      much anticipated, installment of the Triptych -- three-way split CD
      series; Strands Formerly Braided, by SPIDERWEBS (Tom Carter & Sandy

      thanks, love mike
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