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Clip: Iron & Wine, Calexico Reveal Details of Collaborative LP

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  • Carl Zimring
    Iron & Wine, Calexico Reveal Details of Collaborative LP Jessica Suarez reports: Remember when you were a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2005
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      Iron & Wine, Calexico Reveal Details of Collaborative LP

      Jessica Suarez reports:
      Remember when you were a kid and you thought combining two foods you liked
      would create some sort of delicious superfood? Remember how that shit never
      worked (ice cream pizza)? Thankfully, combining two bands actually can turn
      out better. Take, say, the dusty Southwestern sounds of Calexico and
      combine that with Iron & Wine's back porch sentimentality. What you've got
      is Lays in Reins, a seven-song mini-LP of some of Sam Beam's songs backed
      by Joey Burns and John Convertino of Calexico, as well as a few other
      Tucson musicians.

      The particular deliciousness of this collaboration is pure speculation, of
      course, as the li'l long-player won't be available until fall of this year,
      but Burns seems pleased with the results. "It's kind of got that Tucson,
      Arizona sound," he told Pitchfork this week. "It was funny, in the process
      of mixing some of these songs, we would send [Iron & Wine frontman Sam
      Beam] the mixes as MP3 files over the internet. So he would listen to them
      and he would say, 'No, no. Put more stuff in there.' He liked the idea of
      this being something different that what he would do with an Iron & Wine
      record, where the arrangements might be a little more minimal. So we've got
      some instruments that fills it out a little bit." Tracklist:

      01 He Lays in Reins
      02 Prison on Route 41
      03 History of Lovers
      04 Red Dust
      05 Burn That Broken Bed
      06 16, Maybe Less
      07 Dead Mans Will

      Burns said Calexico and Iron & Wine will have some tour dates together this
      fall, but as Pitchfork reported on Tuesday, Beam has a few solo dates to
      keep him busy in the meantime, while Calexico are heading to Europe.
      Calexico's tour dates:

      06-17 Lawrence, KS - Wakarusa Music & Camping Festival
      06-18 Telluride, CO - Telluride Bluegrass Festival
      07-14 New York, NY - Castle Clinton
      07-16 Ottawa, Ontario - Cisco Systems Bluesfest
      07-17 Quebec City, Quebec - Festival D'Ete International
      07-21 Duisburg, Germany - World Games Plaza
      07-22 Lorrach, Germany - Marktplatz
      07-23 Sallent de Gallego, Spain - El Pireneos del Sur Festival
      07-27 Berlin, Germany - Popdeurope Festival
      07-28 Wien, Austria - Jazzfest
      07-29 Nurnberg, Germany - Bardentreffen
      07-30 Feldkirch, Austria - Poolbar Festival
      07-31 Roseto, Italy - Soundlab Festival
      08-02 Alberobello, Italy - Experimenta Festival
      08-03 Pula, Croatia - Open Air Amphitheater

      * Calexico: http://www.casadecalexico.com
      * Iron & Wine: http://www.ironandwine.com
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