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  • Stevo
    MATCHING MOLE Little Red Record 2nd lp by Canterbury crew centred around Robert Wyatt. I think this is the last thing he cut before his paralysing accident.
    Message 1 of 11 , Jun 2 10:48 AM
      MATCHING MOLE Little Red Record
      2nd lp by Canterbury crew centred around Robert Wyatt. I think this
      is the last thing he cut before his paralysing accident. More
      instrumental based than previous s/t lp.
      I think this is great, wondering what the live lps are like.

      CARAVAN If I Could Do It Again
      2nd lp by Canterbury crew utilising jazz influence central to the
      style.I think I'm getting used to the vocal style which I didn't like
      much at first.
      There seems to be a pervasive sense of melancholy through a lot of
      the band's stuff down to the mix of vocals & mellotron. Some
      beautiful stuff here.

      SCREAMERS In A Better World
      LA 1st wave punk band that used keyboards only, no guitar. Not sure
      how much of their stuff is Paul Roessler & how much the other guy.
      This is a boot on the XEroid label. The band actually had a policy
      about not releasing their own material, then went on to set up a
      record label a piece (I think).

      STEVIE WONDER Music of My Mind & Fulfillingness' First Finale
      1st & 4th lps from the early 70s synthy period. More noticeable on
      MoMM than the more funky FFF.

      MAN UA Years compi
      Welsh prog/acidrockers compi. I need to work out what full lps are
      necessary in what cd versions

      VAN MORRISON Veedon Fleece
      Falling head over heels with this lp, think it's a great wake up lp.
      Somewhat similar to Astral Weeks, but not as loose. Far more tied up
      in folk than that lp's improvisational jazz approach. This is heading
      in that direction but winds up pretty dreamy/spiritual.
      Van's last lp for something like 3 years, a good exit. Debatable
      whether his return has been anywhere near as inspired as the run of
      lps up to here.

      & St Dominic's Preview
      Peak of Caledonian soul? Almost Independence day is gorgeous too.
      Canm't see why somebody would dislike Gyp[sy which I think is great.
      There's a rare interview with Van in the new UNcut, which I've yet to

      T REX Electric Warrior
      Took me 34 years to get it but I finally did. Great rocked up stuff
      of deep influence Zeitgeist of the `70s? This comes with `works in
      progress' versions of all the tracks.
      Which Howling Wolf track was the direct model for Jeepster?

      '66, the lp just before the formation of Cream. Here John Mayall is
      backed by John McVie on bass & Hughie Flint on drums both of whom
      went on to give their names to better known bands.
      I think this was the lp that got Clapton's guitar stylings hailed
      asGod' wasn't it. Nice jazzy blues stuff.

      GONG Angel's Egg
      Have a cup of early 70s prog-psych. More wordy but no less inventive
      than its follow up You. Been trying to work out which of their stuff
      is essential. I guess the combo of Daevid Allen & Steve Hillage is a
      good sign. Though Camembert is pretty cool as is Bananamoon.

      DONOVAN Sunshine Superman recent remaster of the '66 psych lp.
      Originally way before the trend but thanks to disagreements with the
      UK label it came out behind things like Sgt Pepper over there. I
      think the US label were more on the ball though

      JOHN MARTYN Solid Air remaster

      TANGERINE DREAM Electronic Meditation
      Their pre synth Pink Floyd impro drone debut

      LOVE'S A REAL THING World Psych vol3 (love track 8 especially)
      African psych funk compiled by David Byrne. Sounds great on a
      dacefloor which is where I was into-ed to it

      NEIL YOUNG On The Beach
      pretty p-ed off for a millionaire weren't he?

      ADAM & THE ANTS Dirk Wears White Sox
      This is AA backed by the guys who went onto be Bow Wow Wow before
      either party had discovered Burundi rhythms. Prettyy good band they
      were anyway

      BLONDIE Plastic Letters
      2nd lp by NYC bubblegum meets garage rockers.Stein could write a
      decent hook and Debbie was more than just gorgeous. Intelligent too.
      As for Clem Burke? Master drummer or just extremeley apt for garageuy

      SIMON & GARFUNKEL Bookends
      Their greatest lp? Got Hazy Shade of Winter on anyway. Mainly
      acoustic fronted electric band here.

      ELTON JOHN Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
      Couldn't help myself guv. Idea of finding out this was of any cop
      kept playing avcross my mind. I think Taupin was a great lyricist but
      I think this is as far as one really need go. EJ was trying to hang
      out with people like Iggy Pop at this point any road.

      This should appeal to QMS fans if you're not aware of it, early '70s
      UK based band. associates of MAN remind me heavily of the
      Beefheart/Fapardokly offshoot MU meets SF guitar impro.

      Their heaviest early '70s stuff? Lemmy on bass is a sign of quality
      with these guys I believe.

      Nice droney stuff from Czechoslovakia. Think it comes from '78 &
      predates the DiY industrial sound heard from blokes in long coats
      over the next few years in the UK.

      Weird electric vibraphone led band featuring the guitar of John
      Abercrombie. Here they are covering a bunch of Hoagy Carmichael
      written children's songs. Psychedelic Funk stuff.

      COMETS ON FIRE Blue Cathedral
      Heavy jazzified skronk out. Like Detroit avant garage expomnentiated
      and updated. Interesting that one of the people on 6 string carnage
      is Ben Chasny of 6 Organs of Admittance who specialise in acoustic
      folky stuff. I guess to every ying there's a yang?

      SANDY DENNY North Star Grassman & The Ravens
      Greatly improved sound on recent cd version of what was projected as
      the 2nd fotheringay lp and wound up a field of exquisite melancholy
      with loads of lovely Richard THompson guitar on it.

      MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA Inner Mounting Flame
      McLaughlin loves to burn. This thankfully lacks the cheesy synths
      that I found detrimental to BIrds Of Fire. I guess all this line ups
      recordings are well worth the effort though I've yet to hear Trident
      or Between.
      GRATEFUL DEAD various bits & pieces from archive.org mainly from '68
      I know there have been other things but can't remember what offhand
      Np Cream I Feel Free Disc2 Live Toad
    • Stevo
      Trying to think What I ve been listening to Van Der Graaf Generator Pawn Hearts remaster came yesterday and is positively scrumptuous. Sound is so much better
      Message 2 of 11 , Jun 8 11:43 AM
        Trying to think What I've been listening to
        Van Der Graaf Generator Pawn Hearts
        remaster came yesterday and is positively scrumptuous. Sound is so
        much better than '87 version (inevitable really). You can realy hear
        how great they were. Wonder if the difference on H To He to the
        earlier version is as stunning?

        Todd Rundgren A Wizard A TRue Star
        Trying to work out with this if I've been diddled or not. Good lp as
        it is, I was offered the Essential label version from '99 & wind up
        with one saying Rhino Remaster with no date.
        I guess I'll enjoy it nonetheless.
        Gets pretty tripped out on the noisefront in places then retreats to
        soul cover medleys weird eh?

        Richard & LInda THompson Hokey POke
        Was going to skip this thanks to reviews I'd read elsewhere then
        thought oh well it's half price innit?
        Got some awesome guitar on it even if the lyrics aren't as great as
        Now to work out what of his actual solo stuff is neccessary.

        Patti Smith Radio Ethiopia
        Hadn't played this in a solid yonk but tis a thing of beauty. Her
        acid rock lp? Very impro based guitar stuff yum.

        Procol Harum The First Four
        2cd set of the first load of their stuff. Intersting sound palette
        (rich&fruity? think they just said that) With guitar mainly used for
        shading +2 types of keyboard. Very stately innit?
        I'd reccommend it I think.

        Van Morrison Veedon Fleece
        Weird coincidence I discover this music just before going on a trip
        to a place it synaesthetically represents (to me anyway) . Nice wet
        weather rural stuff . Lovely.

        Grateful DEad Dick's Picks 4
        The 2nd disc of this has some of the most psychedelic stuff I've ever
        heard on it. First disc has some cool stuff too, must listen to the
        3rd again.

        John Martyn Solid Air
        Why've I gone without this disc for so long? weird combo of
        folk/jazz/blues etc combined with echoplex guitar leads to something
        quasi dubby. Very innovative stuff.

        Lee Perry Arkology Disc 1
        Need to know what of his stuff I really need. Just bought the
        biography People Funny BOy, hope that 'll help.

        Nurse With Wound Thunder Perfect MInd
        Surrealistic noise stuff. quite compelling really. Another artist I
        should know more about/be more familiar with esp since he gave me

        Ahmed Mukhtar/Sattar Al-Saadi -Rhythms Of Baghdad
        Had this for a few years and not played it much. Shame really cos its
        excellent - instrumental duets of strings +percussion. Lovely .

        Stevie Wonder Innervisions
        Found my pre2000 version of this lp and realised what a folly it was
        not to have played it much. Cos its 'kin great innit? Now to find
        Talking Book

        Dublin band called PUGET SOUND who played live at the Erris gathering
        and were pretty incredible in a Minutemen ish type of way what with
        an incredible drummer and all. Guitarist said he'd send me a cdr or
        something. Great.

        Jimi Hendrix Live At Woodstock
        Difficult to hear about half the people playing on this. Despite great
        detail payed on remastering.
        Far more visceral than I'd feared, some great fiery jamming in
        places. Yum

        Loads more stuff I can't think of offhand
        NP JImi Hendrix Live At Woodstock Hear My TRain A Coming
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