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Town & Country, New Zealand. Monday 09 May

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  • Eddie O'Strange
    TOWN & COUNTRY RADIO SHOW, 783 KHz AM, Mon 09 May 9.00 pm start. Dedications PhoneLine: 04-38 58 783 ___________________________________________________
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2005
      TOWN & COUNTRY RADIO SHOW, 783 KHz AM, Mon 09 May
      9.00 pm start. Dedications PhoneLine: 04-38 58 783
      Join our announcements/chatlist. Send a blank email

      * EDDIE O'STRANGE has Dedications & a Big Bunch of New Releases:

      ALY COOK, I Wonder [southerncybermusic.com] NZ
      MARCUS TURNER, The Deer Hunter [self] NZ
      ROGER TIBBS, Just Because You Still Love Me [rogertibbs.com] NZ
      The TOPP TWINS, Local Farmhand [EMI] NZ
      PHIL GARLAND, The Moonlight Trail [Kiwi Pacific] NZ
      KIMBALL BRISCO JOHNSON, Beautiful Eyes Tonight [Manuka Sounds] NZ
      KYLIE HARRIS, Runnin' Out Of Track [kylieharris.com] NZ

      The McCARTHYS, Wide Open Blue [mccarthysmusic.com]
      The BROTHERS BARTON, The Good Old Times [brothersbarton.com]
      HILLJACK, Texas 101 [IME]
      JOEY SHAMP, Miracle With Me [MMG]
      ERNEST TUBB & CAL SMITH, Drivin' Nails In My Coffin [IME]
      MARK COLLIER, Little Things [MMG]
      RON WILLIAMS, I'm Tired Of Being Something [IME]
      BRANDON LYNN SHANE, You Can't Take Texas Out Of Me [MMG]
      BOO, Walk A Little Plainer Daddy [IME]
      TIM HARWILL PRUDEN, I Can't Do No More [tfpmusic.com]
      CARRIE LENNARD, You Make Me Sing [carrielennard.com]
      RICK PICKREN, I'm Happy Now [bigstrikemusic.com]
      LEE WHITAKER, In My Heart Is A Well [leewhitaker.com]

      * @ 9.45 pm MERV WALTERS illuminates the Stars of the Western Sky:

      ROCKY DON HALL & JOHNNY MORRIS, When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold [self] NZ
      KARL and HARTY, Let's All Have Another Beer [Cattle]
      TEX MORTON, Billy Brink The Shearer [Festival] NZ
      KITTEN, I'm Still Singing Country Music [Lucky Country] NZ
      GRAHAM RODGER, Tonesie [Austrak Music]
      RUSTY GREAVES, No Money In This Deal [Rajon] NZ
      RIDERS IN THE SKY, Old Betsy [Rounder]
      NANCY MULLER, River Road [self] NZ
      BUDDY LEWIS, Jeanie [buddylewis.biz]
      NOEL PARLANE, That First Step [Kiwi Pacific] NZ
      BOBBY BARE, Don't Go To Sleep On The Road [Scena]
      MARGARET BATES, Everyday Love [self] NZ
      STUART HAMBLEN, Lola Lee [Roots and Country]
      The KAIMAI COWBOYS, Finally Over You [Jayrem] NZ

      Our grateful thanks to all the artists, labels and studios who make their
      music available for us to broadcast nation-wide. New Zealand thanks you.
      Eddie <blue.smoke@...>

      Eddie O'Strange, Town & Country Radio Show's anchor host for 13.5 years.
      Postal Address: 21 Redvers Drive, Belmont, Lower Hutt 6009, New Zealand
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