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  • Carl Zimring
    Return Of The Gang Of Four Portland, Oregon ? Having just inked a deal with V2 Records, the recently reunited post-punk pioneers
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      Return Of The Gang Of Four

      Portland, Oregon ? Having just inked a deal with V2 Records, the recently
      reunited post-punk pioneers Gang of Four will release a new album ? a
      two-CD set ? on August 30.

      One CD will feature new versions of classic songs that first appeared on
      their late-'70s/ early-'80s albums, which the band re-recorded in London a
      few months ago. Included are "To Hell With Poverty," "I Love a Man in a
      Uniform" and "Damaged Goods." The second CD consists of their versions of
      contemporary songs by the likes of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ladytron, Dandy
      Warhols and The Futureheads.

      Gang of Four, who originally formed in Leeds, England in 1977, reunited
      last year following heavy encouragement from industry folk. "It got to such
      a pressure from the outside that we all at least had to sit down and talk
      about it," bassist Dave Allen said in a recent interview at a neighborhood
      pub. "It would be stupid to say 'Nah, can't be bothered.'

      "Turned out, there was genuine interest from all four members to perform
      again," he added.

      The group released four trailblazing, politically informed punk albums,
      including 1979's critically acclaimed Entertainment and 1981's Solid Gold.
      They combined smart, sarcastic lyrics that targeted social and political
      issues with tough, angular and discordant punk rock. It was a fresh sound
      that has been much copied but never bettered.

      Gang of Four split in 1984 due to differences amongst the remaining
      bandmembers ? Allen had left the group two years earlier. "I was the first
      member of the band to leave and I never figured that I would be allowed to
      play with them again," Allen said, laughing. "This is like divorce central.
      And, yet, I suppose things kinda just happen. Finally the planets were
      aligned and each member said OK.

      "Even Dave," he added, laughing again.

      No doubt prompted in part by the recent post-punk revival, Gang of Four's
      reunion may seem timely, especially given the frequency with which their
      name comes up in the media today. But while the discordant reggae-inspired
      rhythms they first introduced to punk have been appropriated by such bands
      as Franz Ferdinand and The Futureheads, Allen feels all the comparisons are
      hardly fair. "There are multiple problems with this idea that these bands
      sound anything like Gang of Four," he said. "Problem one is the journalists
      have been lazy; if they think of writing a review that says X band sounds
      like Gang of Four, then they certainly didn't go and drag out Entertainment
      and listen to it.

      "Anyone coming to the shows will immediately see that we are light years
      ahead of them, and still today," he added. "They have not a lot in common
      with us. The big deviation really is lyrically, and then live ? I've seen
      some of these bands live and they just don't have a patch on Gang of Four."

      Next to Gang of Four, the revivalists are mild, conservative and
      high-fashion, Allen said. "They hardly break a sweat and look gorgeous in
      their clothes ? that’s not what Gang of Four is about.”

      Gang of Four kicked off a U.S. tour at the Coachella Music Festival last
      weekend and are currently touring the West Coast. Check their Web site for
      complete tour dates. ? Jenny Tatone [Thursday, May 5, 2005]
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