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Clip: Bob Mould Preps New Album

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  • Carl Zimring
    Bob Mould Preps New Album Zach Vowell reports: After burning out on guitar rock in the late 90s, Bob
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2005
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      Bob Mould Preps New Album

      Zach Vowell reports:
      After burning out on guitar rock in the late 90s, Bob Mould has since
      remained distant from the brand of music he helped revitalize as a member
      of Hüsker Dü. Whether it be 2002's electronically tinged Modulate, or his
      DJ sets as Blowoff and Loudbomb, rock'n'roll has taken a back seat. On July
      26, however, the Beaster may be back. According his label's website, Yep
      Roc Records will release Mould's sixth solo album, Body of Song on July 26,
      and it will "employ a guitar-heavy full-band approach" on two songs in
      particular: "Paralyzed" and "Circles".

      Who's in that band of his, you ask? None other than Fugazi's versatile
      drummer Brendan Canty, plus Sugar bandmate David Barbe, Garland of Hours'
      Amy Domingues, and Matt Hammon, a member of Bob Mould's band circa 1998.
      The album will include 12 tracks (some of them more acoustic and/or
      electronic in nature), and it was recorded in four states over the past
      year or so by Don Zientara, Barbe, Frank Marchand, and Mould himself.
      Billboard has the tracklist, and the tracklist goes like this:

      01 Circles
      02 (Shine Your) Light Love Hope
      03 Paralyzed
      04 I Am Vision, I Am Sound
      05 Underneath Days
      06 Always Tomorrow
      07 Days of Rain
      08 Best Thing
      09 High Fidelity
      10 Missing You
      11 Gauze of Friendship
      12 Beating Heart the Prize

      Possibly even more promising is the prospect of a Mould world tour,
      especially, as Yep Roc points out, if it "will see Mould performing
      material from all stages of his career-- solo, Sugar, Hüsker Dü-- for the
      first time in a full band context." Canty has already signed on as drummer
      for the tour, which will start in the fall. If they play "Pride", no,
      anything off Zen Arcade, then the Pixies will be out of business. Dates
      should be announced fairly soon, and hey, Bob has his own blog, so he'll
      probably mention it there too.

      * Boblog: http://modulate.blogspot.com/
      * Bob Mould: http://www.bobmould.com/
      * Yep Roc: http://www.yeproc.com/
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