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Clip: more Wire on DVD

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  • Carl Zimring
    Wire to Release Another Archival CD/DVD Set Aaron Mandel reports: We would never accuse Wire of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2005

      Wire to Release Another Archival CD/DVD Set

      Aaron Mandel reports:
      We would never accuse Wire of resembling Phish. In fact, we may have signed
      a piece of paper to that effect during Pitchfork's last loyalty purge (on
      Tuesday). But for the first time, we are ever so slightly tempted.

      Following last year's Wire On The Box: 1979, the band's own label,
      Pinkflag, will soon release a second archival CD/DVD package from the other
      end of the band's career (i.e. this one). The Scottish Play: 2004 portrays
      two very recent performances filmed in contrasting styles, covering most of
      the band's Read & Burn/Send repertoire. Most of the DVD comes from a show
      at the Triptych Festival in Scotland last April, filmed by artist Tom
      Gidley, whose goal was to "deliberately [exclude] the usual rock music
      celebration of place and time, instead concentrating on giving the viewer
      the closest of contact with a band often misrepresented as enigmatic, cold
      and distant." Hard to say exactly what that means, although given Wire's
      long-standing relationship with the conceptual-art community, presumably
      it's not just code for "lots of shots right up Colin Newman's nostrils".
      Well, hopefully.

      And speaking of those artists, the set's other component is footage from
      Flag:Burning, a one-shot 2003 performance where Wire performed dwarfed by
      video art constructed by avant-garde theater designer Es Devlin. The
      Scottish Play's accompanying CD will have all the audio from the Triptych
      show, but none of the Flag:Burning performances. So:

      >> Triptych Festival (CD and DVD)
      01 99.9
      02 Germ Ship
      03 Mr. Marx's Table
      04 1st Fast
      05 Read & Burn
      06 The Agfers of Kodack
      07 Comet
      08 In the Art of Stopping
      09 Spent
      10 I Don't Understand
      11 Strange
      12 106 Beats That
      13 Surgeon's Girl
      14 Pink Flag

      >> Flag:Burning (DVD only)
      01 1st Fast
      02 Comet
      03 Spent
      04 I Don't Understand

      We can't tell you when you'll get your hands on this two-disc Wire feast,
      because... we don't know. It's finished, but Pinkflag discovered that many
      of the audio discs in the initial shipment were faulty, and postponed
      setting a release date until they know what's up. Expect something soon,

      * Wire: http://www.pinkflag.com
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