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97Clip: Chuck Kinder & the Deliberate Strangers

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  • Carl Zimring
    May 30, 2002
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      You may know Chuck Kinder from The Wonder Boys. Is it me, or are
      literary/roots-music hybirds (Jim Roll's new record, Neal Pollack & the
      Pine Valley Cosmonauts) on the upswing?

      The Bushwhackers are a guaranteed good time.

      Carl Z.

      Chuck Kinder / Deliberate Strangers / Bushwhackers
      The Kinder-ness of Strangers

      writer: JUSTIN HOPPER

      Appalachian author of barroom discontent Chuck Kinder has long been a fan
      of the Deliberate Strangers' musical brand of discontented barroom
      Appalachia. And vice-versa.

      "He calls us his house band," says Stranger Tom Moran.

      After a few years of friendship, kindled over beers in Kinder's backyard,
      the renowned author and Carnegie Mellon University professor will get a
      chance to join the Strangers onstage this Saturday. As the kickoff to
      Kinder's national book tour supporting the paperback release of
      Honeymooners: A Cautionary Tale, the author will join the Strangers for a
      reading at Club Café.

      "We were sitting around [Kinder's yard]," says Moran, "he's getting ready
      for his book tour, and he said "I'd really like to do this in a bar." We
      were talking about [how] when Steve Earle's book came out, he did part of
      his book tour in bars."

      As a foil to Kinder's booze-and-sex-fuelled fiction, and the Strangers'
      doom-and-gloom alt-country, Pittsburgh honky-tonk femme fatales the
      Bushwhackers perform favorites from the likes of Kitty Wells and Ernest

      Chuck Kinder, the Deliberate Strangers and the Bushwackers perform at 9:30
      p.m. Sat., June 1, at Club Café, South Side. 412-431-4950.
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