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9674Re: songs about the great depression

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  • Barry Mazor
    Sep 2, 2004
      I only recently discvovered one of my favorite cuts about being down and out in
      that era, from a seemingly unliely source--the best kind. this is "Share Croppin'
      Blues" as sung by Southern pop star Kay starr in about 1950, looking back; it's
      on the CD "The Definitive Kay Starr" and is quite something.

      I would also look to other places people won't thunk of so fast--like "The
      Forgotten man" number form Golddiggers of 1933; it's on CD somwhere, and
      pwoerful--though moreso whewn you see the Busby Berkeley approach gone
      poliical. (Goebbels was so moved by this he tried to get Berkeley to move to

      There's really a LOt in the blues area, unsurprisingly. See: "I Heard the Voice of
      a Pork Chop" by Jim Jackson (about an empty stomach) , and "The Northern
      Starvers Are Coming home" (laughing at folks who went north from Mississippi
      and did worse )by Charlie McCoy....

      And, uh, you could probably locate a Wody Guthrie song or two that woud work

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