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8423RE: Clip: Juddy on the state of Pittsburgh music venues

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  • Mock the DJ
    Feb 5, 2004
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      I wrote:

      > > But let's now forget Arsenal
      >Well, who can forget the extremely successful Monday night shows at Arsenal
      >Lanes? Are you (or anyone) booking shows there on the weekends or does the
      >venue want to keep those last two lanes open for bowling?

      Right now, the alley is sticking to Monday nights for the live bands.

      > > I had a nice chat with the owners of the Rex last night, ... there very
      > > (which, in the end, hopefully will be nice for the local bands that
      > > fill their calendar between the Elko shows).
      >I take it they have their liquor license by now? The days of free booze
      >were nice.

      Yeah, they've had a liquor license for some time now. Of course it was hard
      to pay for drinks for awhile after getting them for "free" for so long!

      >That's a prime location for music -- seems like Carson has
      >taken up the slack of a lot of the kinds of music that were playing in the
      >Strip (really that stated when Mullen left Rosebud for Club Cafe).

      I don't think owning property in the Strip is the best thing right now. (and
      rumor has it that even though the Rosebud closed...it hasn't been sold)

      > > ::begin shameless plug::
      > >
      > > The Rock 'n Roll Drive-In presents:
      > > featuring:
      > > The Surfin' Squares
      > > The Forbidden Five
      > > The Breakup Society
      > > The New Alcindors
      > > and from Detroit, The Come Ons
      > >
      > > Music * Movies * Mayhem
      > >
      > > 2/28/04 @ The Rex Theater on the Historic South Side in Pittsburgh.
      > >
      > > ::end shameless plug::
      >No Gothees? NO ZOWIE? Wha'happen?

      The Drive-In is an "event" in itself, and I'd hate to see it tied to any
      particular band (or bands)....or even a person. When I wear my "promoter"
      hat, I do my best to assemble a strong bill that I would hope a lot of
      people would like to attend.


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