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8421RE: Clip: Juddy on the state of Pittsburgh music venues

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  • Mock the DJ
    Feb 5, 2004
      >Are there many shows at the Warsaw Tavern or Howler's these days?

      I hear of Warsaw shows more than Howlers. But let's now forget Arsenal
      Lanes!!! And it seems the Quiet Storm has picked up a touring band here and
      there, and Manny has a new space too.

      >You Don't Have To Go Home, But You Can't Stay Here
      >Writer: JUSTIN HOPPER
      >If you want to see the effect of Rosebud closing its doors, just look at
      >the Rex Theatre's schedule. ... it's
      >suddenly ground zero for jam bands, blues iconoclasts and the once-a-year
      >prominence of Cajun and zydeco music, as Elko Productions has moved its
      >Rosebud-heavy bookings list from Rosebud to the Rex.

      I had a nice chat with the owners of the Rex last night, and it seems that
      with this influx of national acts (and working with Elko), you'll see some
      expansion (in capacity and the sound system) there very soon (which, in the
      end, hopefully will be nice for the local bands that will fill their
      calendar between the Elko shows).

      >Bands and
      >promoters working at Gooski's and the 31st Street Pub, and until lately
      >Club Caf´┐Ż and the Rex, could plan events around their wishes -- like the
      >recent Glam Rock Cabaret and Mod nights at the Rex, with numerous bands and
      >films and whatever. Check out a gig in culture-haven New York City and
      >you'll know in advance how long your favorite band's going to play for --
      >and it ain't "'til they're done."

      A rumored casualty in the Elko/Rex situation was the 5th Installment of the
      "Rock 'N Roll Drive-In" slated for 2/28/04 at the Rex. Fortunately, the
      error fell on the PG's misprint of the 2/27 Hot Tuna show as a 2/28 show.
      So, let me make an early plug for the Drive-In:

      ::begin shameless plug::

      The Rock 'n Roll Drive-In presents:
      The Surfin' Squares
      The Forbidden Five
      The Breakup Society
      The New Alcindors
      and from Detroit, The Come Ons

      Music * Movies * Mayhem

      2/28/04 @ The Rex Theater on the Historic South Side in Pittsburgh.

      ::end shameless plug::


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