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8Re: are there premiums?

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  • czimring
    May 19, 2002
      --- In fearnwhiskey@y..., Dan Rigney <rigney@i...> wrote:
      > I'm hoping we can get signed glossies of Mr. Z., or an Efendubya
      Coffee mug
      > or a vegan matzoh ball soup recipe out of our membership in this
      > Dan "or a Carl Zimring scrap metal decoder ring" Rigney

      Cool, I'm getting pledges! Dan, you can have all of those things if
      we somehow get you to St. Louis for Twangfest this year. (If there's
      anyone on list who's unaware of Twangfest, check out www.twangfest.org
      and click around.)

      I'm not above bribery,
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