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7615Comes With A Smile issue #13 CD tracklist

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  • Carl Zimring
    Nov 1, 2003
      The website promises a Joel Phelps interview for issue #14, due in
      Februrary (roughly when Phelps's _Customs_ should be released).

      Carl Z.



      Protect Our Secret Handshake: CWAS Vol.9

      1.M Ward | Outta My Head (demo)
      2.Rogue Wave | Be Kind + Remind (remix)
      3.At Swim Two Birds | Darling (remix)
      4.Granfaloon Bus | There's A Sugar Museum (acoustic)
      5.Electrelane | Long Dark (alt.)
      6.Sigmatropic (featuring Edith Frost) | Haiku 4 (alt.)
      7.Brokeback with Chicago Underground Duo | Chomsk, Live!
      8.Death Cab for Cutie | Debate Exposes Doubt (acoustic)
      9.Alasdair Roberts | Long A-Growing
      10.James William Hindle | W11 3HN
      11.The Essex Green | Victor
      12.The Sadies | The Story's Often Told (live)
      13.Gordon Downie | Christmastime in Toronto (alt.)
      14.Royal City | That My Head Were A Spring (w/strings)
      15.Currituck Co. | Father's Day
      16.Diana Darby | Sunday It?s Clover
      17.Doug Hoekstra | Because She Loves Him
      18.The Twin Atlas | Moment Right Now
      19.The Weakerthans | Psalm for the Elk's Lodge Last Call (alt.)
      20.Willard Grant Conspiracy | Dig A Hole