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7611Re: Chris Brokaw (was: Speaking of Rebecca Gates)

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  • Mock the DJ
    Oct 31, 2003
      My goodness, Chris Brokaw was just in Pittsburgh 2 weeks ago playing in Evan
      Dando's band.
      Talk about busy! No wonder Consonant hasn't made it this way!


      >From: Carl Zimring <cz28@...>
      >Rebecca Gates Collaborates with Dirty Three Guitarist, Tours With The New
      >Year's Chris Brokaw
      >The rain in Spokane falls mainly on the Spinane

      >While that's more than enough to keep any musician busy for a while, Gates
      >has also announced a fall tour beginning Wednesday in Montreal. She'll be
      >touring the eastern U.S. and Midwest with Chris Brokaw, each of them
      >performing solo, but promising to perform a few songs together.
      >Chris Brokaw is quite possibly the busiest man in indie rock,

      >11-06 Pittsburgh, PA - Quiet Storm

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