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724Re: Greyhound soul

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  • Aleksandar Lazarevic
    Aug 2, 2002
      > Hi Aleksander! First I've heard of it, is this a Glitterhouse release?
      > Does it sound like Giant Sand?
      > Carl Z.

      I don;t know if Glitterhouse will release this one. That would be very smart if they decide to
      release it. GS are on label named 808. Don't know much about it. They do not sound like
      Giant Sand but honestly their new Down sound to me much better than
      Giant Sand - Cover magazine. www.greyhoundsoul.com Pena's voice sometimes reminds
      me of Tom Waits.
      Another question. Anyone heard about band LOG? I know they're unknown but they're
      unknown to me too. I found one MP3 on http://web.badtasterecords.se/ but haven't heard
      nothing more. According to the site they're Sweden most popular Lo-Fi band. In case
      someone knows more i'd like to see impressions written.

      All the best

      P.S. - While i was writing this there was a short earthquake.
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