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720RE: [fearnwhiskey] Re: AMC (warning: long)

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  • Carl Zimring
    Aug 1, 2002
      --On Thursday, August 1, 2002 4:59 PM -0400 "Wilson, Carl"
      <cwilson@...> wrote:

      >> I am quite curious about the upcoming record
      >> of old AMC songs with Greek folk
      >> instrumentation he's recorded.
      > Did you just throw that in to see if we were still reading, or is it true?

      It is true! From <http://www.americanmusicclub.com/>:

      29 January 02

      More big Eitzel news: The covers record, 'Courage and Confidence,' comes
      out April 9th on New West Records. The American Music Club covers record
      done by Mark and members of a Greek rembetika-style band comes out this
      Fall on Greek label Hitchyke Records, and there is a new album for Matador
      due later in the year as well.


      "would I lie to you?"
      Carl Z.
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