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6297PLAYLIST: Viva Le Mock 6/27/03

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  • Mock the DJ
    Jul 1, 2003
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      WRCT 88.3 fm * Pittsburgh, PA * www.wrct.org
      Program: Viva le Mock
      Date: 06-27-2003, 9:00 p.m.
      The Mock: Can

      Artist -- Song (original artist) [comments]

      Lou Reed -- My Name is Mok
      Mary Lee's Corvette -- Redemption Day
      [Steve Earle was in town on Wednesday. Mary Lee's husband, Eric "Roscoe"
      Ambel plays guitar for Steve]
      Walter Salas-Humara -- You Look Like Sheila
      Walter Salas-Humara -- Don't Go Home
      Tandy -- Far From Home

      Drive-By Truckers -- Too Much Sex (Too Little Jesus) (live)
      [Played...or "rawked" Pgh 6/25]
      Social Distortion -- Mommy's Little Monster (live)
      The White Stripes -- Fell in Love with a Girl*
      Jackson Browne -- Lawyers in Love*
      [Played Pgh 6/25 w/Steve Earle on the bill. This was, I should mention,
      requested by Carl Z.]

      Schatzi -- Any Way You Want It (Journey)
      [I dedicated the song to WRCT's #1 Journey fan, Carl Z.]
      Sahara Hotnights -- Teenage Kicks (The Undertones)
      Rubber City Rebels -- I Don't Wanna Be a Punk No More
      Wire -- In the Art of Stopping

      Cobra Verde -- To Your Pretty Face
      Tangiers -- Here Come the Pieces
      Public Image Ltd. -- This Is Not a Love Song
      Scrawl -- Public Image (P.I.L.)

      Game Theory -- Crash Into June
      [Maybe a month late getting this one on the air?]
      The Figgs -- Lose the Pain
      The Snitches -- Pinkie Standing
      The Salteens -- Damn You
      Starlight Mints -- Brass Digger

      The Muffs -- Funny Face*
      Liz Phair -- Rock Me
      The Fall -- Life Dream of a Casino Soul
      MC5 -- Poison
      Nat Couty -- Woodpecker Rock
      Donovan -- House of Jansch
      The Late Bronze Age -- Lessons in Equipment
      Bill Nettles & His Dixie Blue Boys -- Hadacol Boogie
      Duda Da Passira -- Forro Da Minha Terra
      Pere Ubu -- Miss You
      Chrome -- Firebomb
      The Band -- King Harvest

      Mott The Hoople -- All the Way from Memphis
      Joy Division -- Novelty*
      The Real Kids -- All Kindsa Girls
      Lothar and the Hand People -- Machines
      Squeeze -- Cool for Cats
      [Oleh dedicated this to The Mockster]
      The Incredible String Band -- Big Ted

      Electric Six -- Danger High Voltage
      The White Stripes -- Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine
      Bizarros -- Young Girls at Market
      The Creation -- How Does It Feel to Feel
      Snakefinger -- Eva's Warning
      Michael Hurley -- Wildgeeses
      David Johansen -- We Gotta Get Out Of This Place/Don't Bring Me Down/It's My
      Life (live)

      Th Faith Healers -- Mother Sky (Can)
      The Jesus and Mary Chain -- Mushroom (Can)
      The Mooney Suzuki -- Make My Way
      [The band took their name from Can members Malcolm Mooney & Damo Suzuki]
      Crawlspace -- Little Star of Bethlehem (Can)
      The Fall -- I Am Damo Suzuki
      The Geraldine Fibbers -- You Doo Right (Can)

      Pavement -- Cut Your Hair
      The Deliberate Strangers -- LaLa Sideshow
      [Birthday dedication to a Deliberate Stranger from The Mockster]
      Penn Jillette -- Great Green Gobs of Greasy Grimey Gopher Guts
      [The albums you find misfiled in our record library]
      The Pastels -- Speeding Motorcycle (Daniel Johnston)
      The Halo Benders -- Canned Oxygen
      They Might Be Giants -- Man, It's So Loud in Here

      Wilco -- Outta Site (Outta Mind)
      [Played Pgh on 6/21]
      Camper Van Beethoven -- Shut Us Down

      * requests

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