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5830RE: [fearnwhiskey] changes in the land of fear and whiskey

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  • Carl Abraham Zimring
    Jun 9, 2003
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      --On Monday, June 9, 2003 1:26 PM -0400 "Wilson, Carl"
      <cwilson@...> wrote:

      >> am finalizing employment in a place far, far beyond a
      >> reasonable commute to
      >> Pittsburgh. (If anyone can give me tips on Houghton,
      >> Michigan's music scene, I'd be delighted.)
      > Congratulations, Carl! What's the school? (Running off to check Houghton's
      > proximity to the border....)

      Michigan Tech. You may find details, including the rather extreme
      geographic ones, at <http://www.mtu.edu/>. I found out about the offer
      upon checking into my room and spent the next 36 hours alternating between
      attending the shows and sending and receiving many voicemail messages
      before accepting.

      >> I have heard from a couple of people that they want the
      >> fearnwhiskey list
      >> to keep going even after the show ends. What do y'all think?
      > Absolutely - the list has a life of its own, and in its more active phases
      > is a great music-discussion forum.

      If ya like, it'll stay. I may be less conspicuous on it in the late
      summer/early fall as I need to stockpile provisions for the winter. (And

      > ps - any poltergeists in St. Louis this year? <jealous> who'd you room
      > with? </jealous>

      My tentative roommate Steve (who I don't think any of the listreaders know
      unless they've seen him at blues shows throughout the midwest or Legendary
      Shack Shakers shows) never made it out of Chicago, so I roomed with the
      Spirit of Carl Wilson this year. I assume said spirit had a calming
      influence that pacified the Plumbing Demon that haunted our room last year.

      Carl Z.
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