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5547Re: [fearnwhiskey] Re: Playlist for Memphis to Manchester on May 02, 2003

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  • Lance Davis
    May 5, 2003
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      > Not everyone agrees with me, but I like De La's second album,
      > De La Soul Is Dead, almost as much as Three Feet High.
      > "Bitties in the BK Lounge" is classic. And their fourth one,
      > Stakes Is High, is also excellent. It's a more "serious"
      > record, but it still has that De La Soul goofiness, in the
      > best way.

      Hmmm ... haven't heard Dead since it came out, so maybe I'll
      have to track down a copy somewheres. Never even heard of
      Stakes. I'm clearly outta the lizoop.

      > Lamprey (which I like even better than Palomine, despite the
      > truly atrocious production).

      Speaking of "truly atrocious," despite Bettie being one of my
      top 5 rock bands of the last ten years or so, I have to say they
      have consistently produced the DUMBEST album covers I've ever
      seen. I think Private Suit is the only one that doesn't suck -
      in fact, I think it's pretty cool. But wassup????

      LD ... whose new favorite Bettie song is Auf Weidersehen (no,
      NOT the Cheap Trick song)

      "What do you expect me to do ... NOT dance with a dog?"
      --Bobby Hill

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