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48Chuck Prophet

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  • czimring
    May 22, 2002
      --- In fearnwhiskey@y..., "andyb240658" <a.s.benham@b...> wrote:
      > I noticed Chuck Prophet on this weeks list. Had the choice of seeing
      > Chuck or Jim White last week in Wolverhampton (only 200 yards apart).
      > Chose Jim White's show and definitely wasn't disappointed but was
      > irritated to miss Chuck's show. How is he live these days.

      Does Chuck ever play in the US? East of the Mississippi? Anyway, I'd
      be curious to hear what he's like in concert as his mix of R&B beats
      and roots-rock on the last couple of records is as satisfying a
      synthesis as any of its kind. (In some ways it reminds me of when Joe
      Henry started incorporating R&B and jazz into his sound, though I'm
      trying to imagine Ornette Coleman sitting in with Prophet!)

      Tangentially, I hear that Mi'Shell Ndegeocello (Henry's bassist on
      _Scar_) has a new album coming out soon. She's one of those artists
      whose sound varies widely from album to album (_Bitter_ was downright
      folky) and I'm curious if anyone's had the opportunity to hear the new
      one and can say what it sounds like?

      Carl Z.
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