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4556Re: [fearnwhiskey] Re: new zine for old boomers

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  • jeffj@blast.net
    Mar 4, 2003
      Not a bad idea. Though I'm not sure if it's a necessary one, as they're
      probably doing okay as an import. Still, in comparison to other magazines'
      content and cover price, you do get a lot for that $8. Sometimes too much.
      <g> I picked up the current issue of Harp (Cat Power cover) and while it
      looks nice, the content and depth of the articles were (for my taste) kinda
      lacking and fluffy. And then there's Mojo, where you might get a dozen
      pages containing a warts-and-all history of some cult band. Nice if you dig
      'em, too much if you don't care. I'd like to see a domestic zine that fell
      somewhere between Harp and Mojo. Or even a decent American "rock"
      zine for that matter. Now *there's* a dream job- owner and publisher of
      Creem Magazine. Hhmmm, I wonder who my first "Creem Dream" would

      Jeff J

      Quoting "samchecker <mwyatt@...>"
      > I'd be happier if they'd just find a domestic printer for Mojo,
      > frankly. Or at least find somebody to send them domestically so it
      > wouldn't cost $8 an issue... There's your new job, Jeff!

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