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4550PLAYLIST: Fear & Whiskey 03/03/03

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  • Carl Abraham Zimring
    Mar 3 7:34 PM
      Here's the playlist for the extra-special 03/03/03 edition of Fear &
      Whiskey, heard tonight from 7-9pm ET on WRCT 88.3fm in Pittsburgh and
      <http://www.wrct.org/> over the internet. Past playlists are archived at


      friends of dean martinez / in the wire

      lyle lovett / if i had a boat
      tandy / far from home
      shiners / test drive
      jon langford & his sadies / looking good for radio
      richard buckner / a goodbye rye
      [A stripped-down solo version from the album _Richard Buckner_. Fans who
      lament the turn away from the _Bloomed_ sound should check this album out.]

      steve wynn / sustain
      barbara manning / before we go under
      throwing muses / half blast
      toiling midgets / faux pony

      sugar / where diamonds are halos
      magazine / shot by both sides
      feelies / she said she said
      lookyloos / doledrums
      chills / pink frost

      dave alvin / king of california
      richard thompson / 1952 vincent black lightning
      clodhopper / 1,000 days of shame
      kristin hersh / arnica montana
      [Her new _The Grotto_ features some beautiful acoustic guitar picking, plus
      some of Andrew Bird's mournful fiddling. Looking back, this was a set
      chock full o' death.]

      robyn hitchcock / 1974
      [Today was Robyn Hitchcock's 50th birthday, so here's my favorite of his
      songs that mark the passing years.]
      vic chesnutt / stay inside
      paul kelly / midnight rain
      neil young / dead man
      [A listener mentioned that the first bit of the _Dead Man_ soundtrack
      sounded a little like the Paul Kelly song, so I played them back-to-back.]

      cat power / fool
      kelly hogan / living without you
      [Per a request for a heartbreaking song for Mr. Rogers.]
      calexico / black heart
      moby grape / seeing

      dirty three / no stranger than that