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4094Re: [fearnwhiskey] new releases this month

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  • Jeff Jakowlew
    Feb 2, 2003
      > Tammy Faye Starlite & the Angels of Mercy Used Country Female (Diesel Only)

      Or- When Good Labels Go Bad.
      Okay, I'm not a fan of TFS and I don't want to start a slagging session
      over here, but for me, Diesel Only has become quite a disappointing
      vanity label in the past few years. Between the unlistenable Will Rigby
      cd and yawners from Joe Flood, Amy Allison and Laura Cantrell (whose
      first cd I dug but really wasn't interested in more of the same with the
      second, especially with no improvement in her kinda charming but weak
      vocals) and now TFS, it's become a slumming ground for Jeremy Tepper's
      friends and family, regardless of whether they have a decent cd's worth
      of tunes to release. Which is too bad, as there was an excitement in the
      air of new musical discoveries with the first few Diesel Only
      collections and also collaborations with Bloodshot Records in live
      events both in NY and Chicago. The complacency that's bogged down
      Bloodshot is even more apparent with Diesel Only. Diesel Only has made a
      name for itself, but now seems uninterested in breaking any new ground
      or hoisting any new acts upon listeners that are anxious for different
      sounds in the roots rock/ alt.county genres. Oh well.

      > VA We're a Happy Family: A Tribute to the Ramones (w/Eddie Vedder, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers and others) (DV8/Columbia)

      Or- Why Did The Good Ramones Die Young?
      So who is the intended audience for this tribute? I can't see long time
      Ramones fans having much interest in a lineup that reads like a
      Billboard chart from the mid 90's and I don't see why any current
      MTV-geared kids would care about it. And why is there no participation
      from the Ramones peers- folks like Blondie or Joan Jett or Television or
      the Dictators or Motorhead or X or Nick Lowe or Elvis Costello or Dave
      Alvin or yeah, Joe Strummer? And how about some current acts such as the
      Hives, Derailers, Hank 3, Supersuckers, Neko Case? Dwight Yoakum
      might've done a good take on "Questionably." This whole thing stinks of
      a thoughtless, ill-conceived cash-in by Johnny Ramone (I figure Rob
      Zombie would've known better) and maybe that's the reason why none of
      the acts I listed above are involved. If nothing else, I'm thinking the
      cd booklet might be cool (Rob Zombie has always done a nice job on the
      booklets for his own releases) and that's the only reason I'd look for
      this in the used bins.

      Jeff J
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