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4089Re: [fearnwhiskey] Re: Senators grill Clear Channel CEO

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  • Carl Abraham Zimring
    Feb 2, 2003
      --On Saturday, February 1, 2003 12:16 PM -0500 Perfect Sound Forever
      <perfect-sound@...> wrote:

      > Also realize what a bind that many artists are in because Clear Channel
      > owns not only so many radio stations across the country but also
      > Ticketmaster. This means that they can punish anyone with decreased
      > airplay or logistical problems of mounting a tour. Even if there isn't
      > documented cases of this (please tell me if I'm wrong!), the mere THREAT
      > of such a thing is sufficient enough to silence people in the business.

      If memory serves, this conflict of interest was Sen. Feingold's initial
      objection to Clear Channel's expansion. In a different time, the Federal
      Trade Commission might have nixed this development, but we live in the Age
      of Consolidation....

      Carl Z.
      NPIMH: Camper Van Beethoven, "Broadcasting Live From the
      yodyne Coliseum, Strom Thurmond City, Mars"
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