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377Re: Pray for Rain RE: [fearnwhiskey] Re: emo

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  • Laura A Watt
    Jul 3, 2002
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      Pardon me while I gossip:

      [Pray for Rain]
      >As far as I know, the only releases they ever had were soundtracks.
      >They played a bit aroound San Francisco in the late 80s, but I don't
      >know what became of them.

      I have absolutely no knowledge of the *band*, but their guitarist
      Paul Trupin lived with a very good friend of mine for a few years,
      around 1990-92 or so -- and I must be honest to say I utterly
      despised him, he was the most caustic person I've ever met in my
      life. He wasn't doing music any more, & died in 1993 or '94 of AIDS,
      after having *knowingly* passed it on to several people (fortunately
      not my friend), who all died even before he did. Horrible man.

      >Speaking of cool guitar bands with no records, does anyone know if
      >ex-Avenger/Chris Isaak guitarist Jimmy Wilsey will ever release a
      >record with his Mysterians?

      Coincidentally another local guitarist my same friend as above went
      out with, although she dated Jimmy only very briefly -- clearly she
      has terrible taste, as he was always incredibly nice while Paul was
      such a jerk! Now I'm just waiting for someone to bring up the
      Counting Crows, as Dave Bryson was yet another guy on the long list
      of her former boyfriends...

      woke up on memory lane this morning,

      "You said to me, 'You're from California;
      you laugh too easily'" --Mark Eitzel
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