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369Re: [fearnwhiskey] Re: emo

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  • Lance Davis
    Jul 2 7:57 PM
      I liked Emo Tremble's early stuff ... before they got all
      preachy. That song about leather pants was my fave ; )

      Must hurt self ... must hurt self ...


      > What, you were never moved enough to do the emo tremble*,
      > Lance?
      > OK OK, enough already, I promise<g>
      > Lisa
      > *The is a particular emo dance sometimes seen in the audience
      > at emo
      > shows. It's known as "the emo tremble." The trembler clasps
      > his/her
      > hands together (wringing them from time to time), leans
      > forward,
      > bounces quickly on the balls of the feet, and shakes the upper
      > torso
      > in time to the music. Once in a while the trembler will grab
      > the
      > back of the head and rock back and forth. The more the person
      > likes
      > the band, the more he or she will double over.

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