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  • czimring <cz28@andrew.cmu.edu>
    Jan 3, 2003
      --- In fearnwhiskey@yahoogroups.com, "Dave Purcell" <dave@p...> wrote:
      > New record, "The Old Kit Bag," due out in Europe in Feb, US in
      > Rumors of full band tour to follow.

      I think I'll jump the gun and get the import. Thanks for posting
      this most excellent news, Dave.

      > Judith Owen Background vocals.

      If this is who I think it is, she also was a backup singer for Spinal
      Tap, a gig she got because she was (and is) married to the bass

      > Produced by John Chelew.

      Didn't Chelew also do John Hiatt's _Bring the Family_? If so, I'm
      very excited about the prospect of a bare-bones no-Froom Richard
      Thompson album. (I like a lot of Froom's material, but Thompson is
      best enjoyed like unvarnished fine furniture.)

      Carl Z.
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