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3484Re: Queen Cred?

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  • Bill Silvers <wfsilvers@yahoo.com>
    Dec 31 1:42 PM
      --- In fearnwhiskey@yahoogroups.com, "ahacksaw1 <ahacksaw@e...>"
      > I'm happy to say that I have no idea what you're talking about in
      > the rest of this post (honest--I can't remember, or never knew,
      > the Queen song in question), but I do know that Omegas were
      > Oldsmobiles.

      Oh_my_god. You're so right, and I am so terribly wrong. I'm so
      embarrassed. Really. And I'm completely clutching on what the Buick
      variant of the Chevrolet Nova was. It wasn't a Skylark, Skyhawk, or
      Century...Google, take me away...

      It was a Buick Omega. I feel *so* much better now. Geez, you'd think I
      was really stoned when I was in high school or something.

      Oh, about that other thing. Queen's A NIGHT AT THE OPERA was their big
      breakthrough commercially, though the preceding SHEER HEART ATTACK was
      probably their best record, Mark's quite right ("Keep Yourself Alive,"
      umm). OPERA had several FM rock hits, but the centerpiece was
      "Bohemian Rhapsody," which I absolutely refuse to believe that you
      weren't familiar with, Ms. Haugesag. Geez, "Smoke On The Water," will
      ya?! Anywhere, Rhapsody was very memorably used in the first "Wayne's
      World" epic, where the boys head-bobbed along rhythmically with the
      kick-ass guitar break (and pretty much the rest of the song, too),
      cranking out of the stereo in Garth's beautiful vintage AMC Pacer. Not
      an Ambassador, Matador, Hornet or Gremlin, but a Pacer. A wonderful dumb
      fishbowl of a car that made "passing low" a complete necessity, or so
      I'm told.

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