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32[fearnwhiskey] Re: Sunny Border Blue/Jesse Sykes

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  • Laura A Watt
    May 21, 2002
      Lisa wrote:

      >Wow. That is so cool! Because I am the queen of lame, I missed the
      >Throwing Muses until they were long broken up. I've had that song
      >about green eyes (name?) in my head for days-- "there's one boy in
      >one house..". What record was that song on and why don't I have it
      >so I can play it now?

      It's called, aptly, "green eyes" and it's on their debut album
      called, aptly, "Throwing Muses." 1987. Which is when i first heard
      it, couldn't stop playing it, and have been the Muses'/KH's biggest
      fan ever since.

      A massive poll was recently done via the TM website to determine
      folks' favorite songs, which I believe Billy is going to use in part
      to great a "greatest hits" sort of thing at some point -- to see the
      poll results, go to


      I was somewhat mystified by some of the results -- agreed with three
      in the top five (pearl, shimmer and bea), but then I fell off
      completely -- only one more (delicate cutters) in the top ten, and no
      others in the next ten.

      waking up to hooks in my head,
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