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31Re: checking in

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  • andyb240658
    May 21, 2002
      --- In fearnwhiskey@y..., "jlswedberg" <jlswedberg@y...> wrote:
      > Hey all--
      > Just wanted to say I'm here. What a great idea to start this list!
      > --Jamie S. (no commentary yet...too tired...gimme a few days <g>)

      And I thought I'd say I've made my way over hear as well. Seems
      strange subscribing to a list about a radio show I've never heard but
      oh well. Much on the playlists are of interest to me but much also
      I've never heard of. So I guess I'll be an occasional poster with the
      odd suggestion of stuff from the UK that maybe of interest.

      I noticed Chuck Prophet on this weeks list. Had the choice of seeing
      Chuck or Jim White last week in Wolverhampton (only 200 yards apart).
      Chose Jim White's show and definitely wasn't disappointed but was
      irritated to miss Chuck's show. How is he live these days.

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