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26Mary Janes (was Re: hello!)

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  • wfsilvers
    May 20, 2002
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      --- In fearnwhiskey@y..., "czimring" <cz28@a...> replied to my MoL :

      > > b.s. who usually steers folks toward The Mysteries of Life for
      Vulgar Boatmen spin-offs

      > Did they put a record out last year, Bill?

      Yup, October 23rd (if the AMG is to be believed). It's called DISTANT
      RELATIVE and it's self-released, which is probably why it flew way
      under my radar till this spring (and even then I kept forgetting about
      it...I've finally got a copy on order, and I'll report back once i've
      heard it). The MoL website appears to be down
      ( members.aol.com/autobeatnik/ )
      which might have a little something to do with the massive buzz the
      record isn't getting.

      > If you bring in the Silos, that's quite a fertile family tree.

      Yeah, though The Silos are sort of the older brother of the Boatmen,
      which makes them an uncle to MoL, unless they're an aunt...I'm getting
      all confused now. If you bring MoL's Antenna mom into it, and the
      Blake Babies grandma (or is it aunt?), well, I'm getting all confused.

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