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2fear & whiskey: an (almost) intro

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  • czimring
    May 18, 2002
      --- In fearnwhiskey@y..., "lauraawatt" <lawatt@n...> wrote:
      > hey carl, just had to send the first official message in your
      > I'm just hoping the balance is weighted more toward the whiskey
      > the fear...

      Jeez, that was quick! Okay, this *second* message to the group serves
      to introduce what I want to do. My show being a bit free-association
      when it comes to genres and songs, I thought that it might be fodder
      for some interesting conversation about music. To (almost) start
      things off, here's the playlist for last week's show, heard Monday May
      13 from 7-9pm ET on 88.3 fm in Pittsburgh and www.wrct.org worldwide.
      I've thrown brief comments in about a few songs; further comments,
      questions or arguments are encouraged.


      water shed 5tet / circuit breaker

      silkworm / (i hope u) don't survive
      gutterball / when you make up your mind
      karl hendricks trio / a boy who plays with dolls
      drive-by truckers / road cases

      sovines / about a hundred years ago
      jon langford / penny arcades
      [One of the folks who are responsible for the name Fear & Whiskey.
      Since this week's show coincided with our periodic BMI logs, airplay
      allegedly makes its way back into royalties for the songwriters.
      Consider this payback for the name.]
      shiners / night owl
      deliberate strangers / homesick for heaven
      [@ Ellsworth Street Fair 5/18.]
      warren zevon / genius
      [From the new _My Ride's Here_, which on first listen is jokier than
      _Life'll Kill Ya_.]

      robbie fulks / mad at a girl
      martin phillips & the chills / premonition
      sue garner / nightfall
      [I heard a rumor that she's going to have a new record out this fall.]
      jack logan /escape clause
      joel phelps / always glide

      victor krummenacher / long way home
      carmaig de forest / coldwater park
      alejandro escovedo / slip
      [@ Three Rivers Arts Festival 6/11.]
      mark eitzel / sleep
      kelly kessler / the salt of your skin
      [I'd say Ms. Kessler's new disc represents the future of alt.country,
      but that would be a lie. The skill necessary to synthesize the
      diverse strands of country on this record, not to mention the ability
      to blend the talents of talents from Robbie Fulks to Kent Kessler,
      just aren't present in enough artists to constitute a movement.
      Instead, I'll call this a welcome release from a unique talent.]

      lonesome bob / i get smarter every drink
      mary janes / junie moon
      [@ Club Cafe 5/18.]
      jim roll / in-flight magazines
      star city / these little pills
      [Jason Lewis did a fine solo version of this last Friday.]
      lonely planet boy / warning song
      [They played what may have been their final show last weekend.]

      boxstep / western exit
      paul kelly / midnight rain
      peter jefferies / ghostwriter
      clodhopper / 1,000 days of shame
      [Is Danny Pearson going to release another record? I really enjoyed
      this Clodhopper disc.]

      american music club / big night
      savage republic / the year of exile
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