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17Mary Janes (was Re: hello!)

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  • czimring
    May 19, 2002
      About Ms. Hersh "wfsilvers" <wfsilvers@y...> wrote:
      > It's a shame you'll be missing her, but she plays Pittsburgh
      > occasionally, doesn't she?

      About once a year, so I'm not slitting my wrists over missing this
      one. Pittsburgh's a funny town -- we can go weeks with few good shows
      and then there's a cluster of can't-miss shows. I left town for a
      week in 1998 and managed to miss very-rare appearances by Paul Kelly
      and Pere Ubu. Kelly finally came back last month but I'm still
      waiting on Ubu. I'll miss KH this time, but luckily Alejandro
      Escovedo plays a free oudoor show the following Tuesday.

      > Anyhow, I'm jumping in to ask if the Mary Janes did "Allison" from
      > that upcoming Stiff tribute record?

      They did not, but Janas unveiled a few new songs, some of which sound
      like she's been listening to gospel. Good stuff, I hope they make it
      to a CD comes out before too long.

      > b.s. who usually steers folks toward The Mysteries of Life for Vulgar
      > Boatmen spin-offs( and so many people ask me!<g>), but who thinks the
      > MJ's are OK too

      Did they put a record out last year, Bill? If you bring in the Silos,
      that's quite a fertile family tree.

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