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1668Re: [fearnwhiskey] Re: Soft Boys

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  • Carl Zimring
    Oct 1, 2002
      --On Tuesday, October 1, 2002 1:06 PM +0000 samchecker
      <oneriot@...> wrote:

      > Carl, if Nextdoorland was *anything* like Respect
      > or Jewels for Sophia (or Moss Elixir for that matter), it'd be a chew
      > toy for my Jack Russell terrier right now. In fact, I was afraid this
      > new SB's disc was going to be exactly that and was mightily relieved
      > that it wasn't. I think the difference is having Rew back in the band
      > trading jangles with Robyn ala A Can of Bees.

      The writing is *very* similar to Hitchcock's recent output (a good thing,
      to my ears), but the arrangements are something different -- it's an
      organic quartet record. And I think a big difference is not Rew (who
      played on _Jewels for Sophia_), but bassist Matthew Seligman, who was the
      bassist on the best Soft Boys material (_Moonlight_ and the better songs on
      _Invisible Hits_) and Hitchcock's first two solo albums. Hitchcock can't
      help but gravitate towards Byrds-style pop when Seligman's in the band.

      I still think _Can of Bees_ is as bad as anything in the Hitchcock catalog,
      save _Globe of Frogs_. Sterile production, overly-fussy arrangements,
      weird-for-its-own-sake writing; I have difficulty listening to it all the
      way through. Containers full of critters bode ill for his music.

      (Lest this be seen as a bash on original Soft Boys bassist Andy Metcalfe,
      he was the bassist on the wonderful _Live at the Portland Arms_, which has
      superior versions of several _Bees_ songs, plus some amazing covers. How
      this has avoided being issued on CD is beyond me.)

      Mark, I'da thought that you'd like some of the heavier material on _Moss
      Elixir_...."I am Not Me" in particular.

      > P.S. I finally chased down that Wire EP, Read and Burn. Damn! "Germ
      > Ship" and "The Agfers of Kodack" just left both my ass cheeks in the
      > dirt. I'm going to be listening to this one a *lot*, and I'm so
      > bummed the mini-tour came nowhere near Cowlumbus

      I'm hard-pressed to find a Wire recording that rocks harder or more
      aggressively. Since they have plans for at least two more EPs (each with a
      supposedly different mood), perhaps there'll be another tour or two in the
      next year.

      Carl Z.
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