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16mo' Silkworm (was Re: hello!)

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  • czimring
    May 19, 2002
      --- In fearnwhiskey@y..., "lmerlin01" <lmerlin01@y...> wrote:
      > I haven't even heard any Silkworm yet.What should I start with (if I
      > ever get any money)

      There's that money thing. I love Silkworm and I love Joel Phelps, but
      I think they've made their best music away from each other. If you
      want to hear their best stuff with Joel, I agree that _Libertine_ is
      the high point of that incarnation of the band, though the Matador
      compilation _Even a Blind Chicken_ collects a lot of good material.
      I'd start with the first trio record _Firewater_ (especially if you
      like drinking songs -- gotta get the "whiskey" content in for this
      list!), but any of the subsequent records save _Developer_ are fine
      places to start. The new one is splendid; if you want to wait a
      couple of weeks and dig Kelly Hogan, that would make an excellent

      I don't remember if they have any mp3's at the official band website,
      but maybe Touch & Go or www.12xu.net (their UK label) have something.

      > KH is playing a small club in Pittsburgh (the same one
      > > where the Mary Janes did a fine set last night)
      > She is out in Seattle too but hasn't played yet. What's going on
      > here?!

      She comes to town at least once a year. Don't know if a new record is
      in the works or if she's just doing a tour to tour.

      > We are going to see the Knitters tonight.This woman Jesse Skyes is
      > backing them up.You guys may like her, she's a mopey twanger,lots of
      > strings on the record. I like her.

      I haven't heard this yet but will check to see if we have it in at the
      station. Is she from Seattle?

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