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  • lmerlin01
    May 19, 2002
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      > Yep, all of the above. News-wise, I don't know if Joel has anything
      > coming out -- last I heard he had moved to Vancouver and was going
      > get married.

      That's what I hear too. I'm bummed because I really thought I would
      be able to see him now that I'm in Seattle.I'm the only one out of
      the P2 contingency who like him though (they equate Joel with the
      sound a cat makes when you step on it's tail <grin>).

      I haven't even heard any Silkworm yet.What should I start with (if I
      ever get any money)

      KH is playing a small club in Pittsburgh (the same one
      > where the Mary Janes did a fine set last night)

      She is out in Seattle too but hasn't played yet. What's going on

      We are going to see the Knitters tonight.This woman Jesse Skyes is
      backing them up.You guys may like her, she's a mopey twanger,lots of
      strings on the record. I like her.

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