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1378Re: [fearnwhiskey] I got cows on my mind (was: new CDs this month)

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  • Carl Zimring
    Sep 3, 2002
      --On Tuesday, September 3, 2002 2:54 PM -0700 Lance Davis
      <lwdavis1@...> wrote:

      > Out of curiosity, Carl, why exactly would you suggest the name
      > Congress of the Cow?

      One too many viewings of Best In Show cemented the phrase (uttered in the
      opening scene) in my head.

      > Anyway, the weird thing - OK, the other weird thing - is that
      > Hot Club of Cowtown is coming out with their new album the same
      > day. And both of these CDs come a week after the Gourds release
      > Cow, Fish, Fowl, or Pig - which I *think* was originally
      > scheduled to be released on the 17th as well. Lastly, I do
      > believe that someone mentioned Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother on
      > here today or yesterday. That's the one with the cow on the
      > cover. OK, it's official ... I think I'm udderly cowed by this
      > topic.

      Lance, I am amazed that you -- as a proud Austinite --did not mention _More
      Songs About Buildings and Cows_.

      Carl Z.
      resisting the urge to make beef puns
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