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1369RE: [fearnwhiskey] Clip: Godspeed... to release new CD

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  • mosurock
    Sep 3, 2002
      Last time I saw Godspeed (and yes it was the last time for me, ever) it felt
      like going to the LONG mass at Easter. First two songs were great in that
      "let's-build-momentum-only-to-have-it-tumble-back-down" kinda way then I
      realized they planned to pull this same stunt for two hours and change. I
      fell asleep.

      thumbs down to the most bullshit band in North America,

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      "'U.X.O.' is unexploded ordnance is landmines is cluster bombs,"
      Constellation's press
      release offers. "'Yanqui' is post-colonial imperialism is international
      police state is multinational corporate oligarchy ."

      Fucj I hate Godspeed. And not for the politics.

      > Incidentally, Fox Searchlight delivers funding to The CPB/WGBH
      National Center for Accessible Media who is allied with the Mitsubishi
      Corporation who makes atomic bombs.

      Now, that was funny.

      carl w.

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