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1365Clip: Godspeed... to release new CD

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  • Carl Zimring
    Sep 3, 2002
      Today's Pitchfork also has news on Matador's expanded reissue of _Slanted
      and Enchanted_ and a little tidbit on Sleater-Kinney on tour.

      Carl Z.



      New Godspeed You! Black Emperor in November
      Enter final round in "Six Degrees Of" world championships

      Ryan Schreiber reports:
      Turns out Sigur Rós aren't the only ones dicking around with punctuation
      this fall, as the newly rechristened Godspeed You! Black Emperor return
      this November with Yanqui U.X.O.. Recorded by Steve Albini at his
      Electrical Audio studio, the five-song (three even have titles-- or rather,
      two songs share titles with others) album will be released both as a double
      LP and single CD November 11th on Constellation. Tracklist:

      01 09-15-00
      02 09-15-00
      03 Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls
      04 Motherfucker=Redeemer
      05 Motherfucker=Redeemer

      Uh, so what does that title mean, you ask? Search us!! "'U.X.O.' is
      unexploded ordnance is landmines is cluster bombs," Constellation's press
      release offers. "'Yanqui' is post-colonial imperialism is international
      police state is multinational corporate oligarchy. Godspeed You! Black
      Emperor is complicit is guilty is resisting. The new album is just music."
      Constellation's official website for the album even offers a mind-bendingly
      complex diagram, presumably drawn up by GYBE mastermind Efrim Menuck,
      linking major labels and their respective media conglomerates to major
      international defense contractors-- even if the links are a bit tenuous
      (for example: DirecTV is a co-venture between AOL Time Warner and Hughes
      Electronics Corporation which entered a merger with Raytheon Industries who
      makes Tomahawk cruise missles).

      In other Godspeed news, the bombastic doom-rockers are apparently a big
      part of director Danny Boyle's apocalyptic sci-fi thriller 28 Days Later.
      The Trainspotting director unspooled a rough cut of the film's first 20
      minutes at a London horror festival in August, including "some amazing
      footage of an empty and ravaged London set to the music of the Canadian
      group Godspeed You! Black Emperor," according to Canadian film site/rumor
      clearinghouse Corona Productions. The film is due early next year from Fox
      Searchlight. Incidentally, Fox Searchlight delivers funding to The CPB/WGBH
      National Center for Accessible Media who is allied with the Mitsubishi
      Corporation who makes atomic bombs.

      .: Pitchfork Review: Godspeed You! Black Emperor: Lift Your Skinny Fists...
      .: Godspeed You! Black Emperor: http://www.godspeedyoublackemperor.com
      .: Constellation: http://www.cstrecords.com/html/godspeed.html
      .: Yanqui U.X.O.: http://www.cstrecords.com/html/uxo.html
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