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  • Carl Zimring
    Sep 2, 2002
      WRCT has set its autumn schedule and I'd like to call your attention to a
      few shows of interest, unique composition and high quality. Aside from
      Fear & Whiskey (same fear-time, same fear-station), you can also hear:

      Set Theory, a two-hour show with shifting hosts concentrating on a
      different theme each week (e.g. polkas, trucking songs, answer songs,
      Detroit house, et cetera). Sundays 6-8pm, immediately followed by Lenny
      Young's great two-hour jazz show Straight Up and Down.

      Sound of Confusion, hosted by Monotone, a true devotee of obsure garage and
      psychedelia. Mondays 10am-noon.

      Shotguns, Booze, and Country Blues, hosted by Miss Fortune, whose tastes
      run from acoustic blues and old-time music to the Minutemen. Tuesdays

      Zombo's Record Party, hosted by Zombo. Imagine a garage sale of vinyl
      hosted by SCTV's Count Floyd. Not evocative enough for you? Go here:
      <http://www.zomboworld.com>. Wednesdays 4-6pm.

      When The Hand Goes Up, The Mouth Goes Shut, Neil Donnelly's post-rock,
      avant garde, Thrill Jockey/Drag City-centric show. Wednesdays 7-9pm.

      Does Your Hometown Really Care?, hosted by Jason, who plays more obscure
      country vinyl than anyone on WRCT, plus a whole bunch of other stuff.
      Thursdays noon-4pm.

      Viva Le Mock, a run through a cornucopia of 80s, new wave, roots, country,
      punk and other fun stuff hosted by the Mockster (a.k.a. Paul Nelson) Friday
      nights from 9pm-1am.)

      Black, White and Blue, an outstanding jazz and classical music show hosted
      by Ignatios, Saturdays 9am-noon.

      The Repugnant Stench of the Happy Fun Ball, WRCT's scary metal show. Rob
      and Alan host Saturday nights from 6-9pm.

      There's other good stuff on the schedule, but those are some of the things
      we do best, and shows you couldn't confuse with anything on a Clear Channel

      fight the power,
      Carl Z.