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130Re: John Vanderslice

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  • david_michael_siegel
    Jun 4, 2002
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      > > Hey, have any of you heard of a singer/songwriter named John
      > > Vandersice? I caught the tail end of a Freash Air and he sounds
      > > pretty interesting
      > He's from San Francisco and I just cannot remember the name of the
      > band he was in until a couple of years ago. Poppy guitar-based
      > maybe Bill knows? I want to say he's worked with Chris von Sneirden
      > but have no idea.

      Definitely poppy indie guitar rock. I heard more of a Kinks
      influence than anything else.

      I've seen him a couple of times, once at a SXSW day party and once in
      Chicago at the Abbey Pub (opening for Lambchop). My impression's
      been that he can't hold it together in a live show as well as on
      album, but I've liked what I've heard off the latest (Life & Death of
      an American Fourtracker).

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