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13Re: [fearnwhiskey] Re: New Silkworm

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  • Lance Davis
    May 19, 2002
      Good luck Dan. I tried Googling but only came up with MP3s for
      Silkworm's side project with Steve Milkmoose, the Crust
      Brothers. That's alright, but not very representative.

      As for starting points, YMMV, but I think Libertine's the high
      water mark for the Joel Phelps era - and still my favorite SKWM
      record. Three good-to-great songwriters finally hitting their
      stride, a very spacious and deep recording (courtesy of Steve
      Albini, who knows about such things), and phat ol' guitars. I
      don't know what other people call this kind of music - emo,
      maybe? - but Television, Thin White Rope, Joy Division and a
      bunch of square-jawed Krautrockers seem to be the obvious

      Of the post-Phelps records I think Firewater has the
      widest-ranging collection of songs, but Developer and Lifestyle
      are both well-worth checking out. Then's there's the comps,
      which should NOT be your starting point.

      Hope some of this helps. Lance

      --- Dan Rigney <rigney@...> wrote:
      > OK_
      > I've seen Silkworm come up in several places now as a name,
      > but have heard
      > nothing. I'm curious. Where's a good place to sample 'em?
      > Dan "if you hear about something three times from three
      > different unrelated
      > sources, check it out" Rigney
      > At 04:03 PM 5/19/2002 +0000, you wrote:
      > >--- In fearnwhiskey@y..., Lance Davis <lwdavis1@y...> wrote:
      > > > Hey y'all, greetings from Austin -
      > > >
      > > > So, new Silkworm, eh? Carl, do dish ... like when is this
      > sucker
      > > > coming out? And when did Silkworm leave Seattle? I thought
      > I
      > > > read something in conjunction with Lifestyle that said
      > they were
      > > > now a Chicago band. I'm sure they're much more appreciated
      > there
      > > > than in SeaTown. BTW, are there any Silkworm bootlegs
      > floating
      > > > around?
      > >
      > >Dunno about bootlegs, but the new album _Italian Platinum_
      > comes out
      > >on Touch & Go the first week in June. So far, it's my
      > favorite record
      > >released this year (I haven't heard the new Alejandro yet)
      > mixing the
      > >boys' concise rock with some keyboards and Kelly Hogan's
      > gorgeous
      > >singing. (She takes lead vocals on one song and does backup
      > on much
      > >of the disc.)
      > >
      > >Silkworm gradually migrated to Chicago over the past few
      > years,
      > >starting when Andy Cohen went to law school. I think Tim
      > Midgett
      > >works for Shure. I selfishly love the move because it means
      > they're
      > >much closer to -- and more likely to play in -- Pittsburgh.
      > >
      > >Carl

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