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  • psfmag
    Mar 31, 2010
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      In the latest issue of Perfect Sound Forever online music magazine <http://www.perfectsoundforever.com>, you'll find (among other things):

      The motherland & the South
      "Fronted by Guelel Kumba, a Fulani griot from northern Senegal, the four-piece Afrissippi started when the eclectic Deaton met Kumba in 2003. The band has seen changes since then, but in every permutation, its core has been the mystifying connection between the hill country of northern Mississippi and the savannahs of the ancient Malian Empire"

      Its sad recent history
      "It's easily understandable that in Mexico, we've always been under the huge shadow of American rock and roll. The early years (early 60's) were bland, amateurish imitations of Hit Parade hits. The late '60's were steamrolled over by the English groups, which detonated originals. In broken English, which went the way of lemmings, mainly because they weren't up to par."

      We're always looking for good writers and/or ideas so let us know if you have anything to share.

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