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  • mosurock
    Aug 28, 2002
      I might be the only person so far having a lukewarm response on this. People
      who had advance copies told me that it was the same formula as "Girls Can
      Tell," last year's best album -- just another collection of songs THAT GOOD.
      I don't think it really comes close. It's not nearly as fluid as that last
      batch of songs, far too staccato in approach for its own good.

      I've been down on them since they kinda kicked my man Roman out on bass
      (their loss as his new deal, the oranges Band, are poised to become the
      American Wedding Present) and the one time I did get to see them found Britt
      drunk off his ass and the rest of the band not replying in kind.


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      I haven't seen many people talk about the new Spoon record yet, but damn
      it's good. In fact, I think it is record-of-the-year good (though it might
      have troubles knocking Bright Eyes out of that spot.)

      For those of you with radio shows, playing the Kinks after Spoon sound

      I can't find any free downloads from the album, but you can download two
      MP3s of Britt Daniels from Spoon doing the new songs solo (on WERS.)



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