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12409Re: [fearnwhiskey] holy grail news

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  • Tom Huber
    Jan 31, 2007
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      See Carl? I *knew* all it would take was to make you cheap copies from
      vinyl. <g>

      I'll be looking forward to seeing what bonus cuts will be on Stand In
      The Fire. You know *they* should just release that whole show a'la BMG
      with the Waylon Live shows.


      Carl Z. wrote:
      > I first bought a CD player in 1987. The format was young, not yet the
      > dominant one in sales, and not every release came out on disc. I
      > waited for CD releases of a few -- I sometimes waited years, -- but I
      > never waited as long for any CDs as long as I have for Warren Zevon's
      > Stand in the Fire and The Envoy. Stand in the Fire is a live
      > recording of Zevon in 1980 sounding like a man possessed, and includes
      > definitive performances of a few of his early songs. The Envoy came
      > out a couple of years later and sold poorly, leading to Asylum
      > dropping him. It's a wonderful record, though, my favorite of his for
      > years (maybe overtaken when Life'll Kill Ya came out), featuring some
      > of the best guitar lines Waddy Wachtel ever recorded and a title track
      > that sounds as current today as it did during Reagan's first term.
      > Oddly many of its finest songs -- including the rock-noir classic
      > "Charlie's Medicine" and the manic Thomas McGuane co-write "The
      > Overdraft") have never appeared on compilations. Both records are
      > career highlights, yet neither made it to CD during Zevon's life, nor
      > in the sad yet commercially successful period of his illness and
      > passing (I will forever wonder if Zevon knew John French's "Now That I
      > am Dead" as it fit his career circumstances). A Japanese bootleg
      > label issued mastered-from-vinyl versions of each last year for $50
      > apiece; I thought that would be the closest either came to a proper
      > reissue.
      > I was wrong. Twenty years after it began, my wait is almost over.
      > Rhino will issue CD versions of both albums (along with a reissue of
      > Excitable Boy) on March 27. All are mastered for CD, and all have
      > bonus tracks, but the best news is these two highlights of Zevon's
      > career will now be freely available to the public. They are well
      > worth (re)discovering.
      > Carl Z.

      Why would Dorothy want to go back to Kansas when she could stay in a place with
      flying monkeys? -- John Waters
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