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12299Clip: Silkworm to Release Final Recordings

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  • Carl Z.
    Dec 1, 2006

      You can find the MP3 of "Bar Ice" at 12XU.net

      Silkworm to Release Final Recordings

      Nearly a year and a half after the tragic death of Silkworm drummer
      Michael Dahlquist, his bandmates will release the collective's
      last-ever material, a six-track EP by the name of Chokes.

      The basic instrumentals for the first four songs, recorded last year
      with Steve Albini at his Electrical Audio studios in Chicago, were
      tracked just a few weeks ahead of the automobile accident that killed
      Dahlquist, along with John Glick of the Returnables and Douglas Meis
      of the Dials. One of those tracks, "Bar Ice", can be downloaded below.

      Track five, "Wrote a Song for Everyone", first appeared during
      Silkworm's Lifestyle sessions, but failed to grab a slot on the album.
      Matt Kadane of the New Year added electrical piano to the cut, but
      otherwise, it was left unchanged from its original form.

      The final number is a live cover of Bob Dylan's "Spanish Harlem"
      performed by the Crust Brothers (Silkworm joined by Stephen Malkmus)
      at Seattle's Crocodile Cafe on December 31, 2000. Silkworm
      bassist/vocalist Tim Midgett said of the selection, "That song was
      handpicked by him [Michael] as his set piece for that show, and
      somehow that song defines him almost completely in my mind. It's a
      wonderful performance, and I am reminded every time I hear it of how
      profoundly and deeply I loved Michael."

      The disc is due December 6 via 12XU Records.


      01 Bar Ice
      02 Low Blow
      03 Int'l Harbour of Grace
      04 Lilly White & Cherry Red
      05 Wrote a Song for Everyone
      06 Spanish Harlem Incident [Bob Dylan cover; live by the Crust
      Brothers on 12/31/00 at Seattle's Crocodile Cafe]

      Posted by Kati Llewellyn in album on Thu: 11-30-06: 03:35 PM CST