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  • Dave Purcell
    Dec 1, 2006
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      Carl, did you see Christgau's firing as a bad thing? I thought the guy was
      so awful and irrelevant that it was hard to argue with their decision. But I
      also don't follow music criticism nearly as closely as you probably do, so
      I'm curious to hear what you (and others) think.



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      I started agitating for a boycott of P&J after Christgau was fired and
      calling for someone to step up to replace it. Pitchfork, who were kind
      of the obvious place, declined to do so (and I was just as happy about
      that), as have a few other potential alternative venues. My ideal
      website to do it would have been the new paperthinwalls.com, where
      several of the ex-Voice people and other recently redundancied critics
      have shown up, but they didn't raise their hand.

      I'm so-so on the Idolator site, but what makes its poll credible is that
      it's being run by Michaelangelo Matos, the former Seattle Weekly and
      emusic.com music editor, who's established himself very well as a smart,
      dedicated, caring member of the critical community over the past decade.
      (His 33 1/3 volume on Prince's Sign of the Times is one of my faves in
      the series.)

      If Idolator were doing it on its own, I'd be wary, but with Matos in
      charge, I'm happily in.

      carl w

      Carl Wilson
      The Globe & Mail, Toronto
      http://www.zoilus <http://www.zoilus.com> com <http://www.zoilus
      <http://www.zoilus.com/> com/>


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      A lot of people are simply not going to contribute to Pazz and Jop any
      more. Whether this
      Idolator thing is a place to go instead, I'm not so sure. Nor exactly
      how many people care--
      always a question.

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