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  • Jason Gross
    Nov 30, 2006

      In the latest issue of Perfect Sound Forever
      <http://www.perfectsoundforever.com>, you'll find (among other things):

      All-American Canadians
      "The postmodernists need look no farther than Vancouver, British
      Columbia to get the purest modern/old-timey/roots music available.
      The Be Good Tanyas have let themselves shine out in the darkness of
      the music realm. What they sing about, oddly enough, makes America
      the pluralistic, multi-faceted, musically foundational country she is."

      Electric Mud- his least-loved album "Muddy Waters is obviously one
      of the most recognized and influential blues artists of this century.
      When his name is mentioned phrases like "slide guitar" and "electric
      Chicago blues" are associated with it, but what about "wah-wah" and
      "psychedelic"? For a small period in history, Muddy Waters' image
      became one of a psychedelic icon and if there weren't records still
      around from then, most people would doubt it had ever happened. The
      sixties were a strange time for music and musicians- none felt
      stranger than musicians from the previous decade trying to stay afloat then."

      We're always looking for good writers and/or ideas so let us know if
      you have anything to share.

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