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11635Re: [fearnwhiskey] Clip: Eleventh Dream Day in Cleveland

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  • Carl Z.
    Apr 16, 2006
      Great review, Dave. I was curious to hear how the new lineup sounded
      and am happy they appear to have jelled. My seder in Oberlin didn't
      get finished until after midnight, so unfortunately I couldn't make it
      to the show.

      Here's hoping they tour again once everyone's on summer vacation...

      Carl Z.

      On 4/16/06, Dave Purcell <dap@...> wrote:
      > Carl Z wrote:
      > > If my seder doesn't go too long tonight, I'll see 'em.
      > Carl, were you there? I didn't realize that you're back in Cleveland. I
      > thought they were fantastic. They opened with several from the new
      > record. The new songs fit in well with their best moments and I think
      > will grow on me once I've spent more time with the new record. I
      > previewed several songs on the Thrill Jockey site last week and
      > remembered most of them when they began playing them, so that's usually
      > a good sign. Highlights of the old material were Testify (with McCombs
      > playing the main riff and the keyboard player on bass), Baghdad's Last
      > Ride, and a couple from Prairie School Freakout (the names of which
      > escape me at the moment without the CD in front of me).
      > Rick Rizzo is still a maniac on guitar, channeling Neil Young and Tom
      > Verlaine in equal parts. He's very much the mild-mannered social studies
      > teacher these days, but his intensity bursts out when he starts singing
      > and soloing. There are few things that make me happier than when he goes
      > into batshit skronk solo mode. Janet is as strong as ever on drums and
      > harmonies and McCombs is just a mofo of a bassist. The keyboard player
      > is a great addition. His tiny keyboard looks like it's about to fall
      > apart at any given moment, but he's usually some sort of simulator to
      > get some very cool sounds out of it. He was perfectly supportive and
      > never intrusive.
      > They came back for two encores and seemed surprised by the reaction from
      > the small, but very enthusiastic crowd. We got to chat with Rick before
      > and after the show, and he seemed genuinely moved that we drove four
      > hours to spend our 15th wedding anniversary with them. Super nice guy. I
      > was happy to learn that some of their earliest shows were with old pals
      > of mine -- guys I didn't know then -- at Newport, KY's legendary Jockey
      > Club around 1984.
      > They're still easily one of the best rock bands out there, for my money.
      > No one is doing what they're doing, at least not as well.
      > Oh, and get the new record -- it's really strong. There are only a
      > couple songs with vocal hooks equivalent to songs like Testify and
      > Makin' Like A Rug, but their trademark sound is in full force and it's
      > less moody than some of their recent efforts.
      > dp
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